Sunday, August 23, 2009

About Us

Welcome to the website of Malaysian Students' Council of JUST, otherwise known as Majlis Mahasiswa JUST (MMJ).

The powers, functions and responsibilities of the Students Council derived from the people of the state of Irbid through the Malaysian Students Association of Irbid (PERMAI) who comprise a vital element of the academic community.

The Malaysian Students' Council is a non-discriminatory non-partisan representative body of students. For this new session of 2009/2010, our objectives are :

1) To create an atmosphere of union and togetherness primarily amongst Malaysian students of JUST, and generally amongst Malaysian students of all universities in Jordan.

2) To lend a helping hand to all Malaysian students in JUST in order to uphold students' academic achievements to a higher level, with a zero failing percentage.

3) To bring about well-educated and well-equipped students as well as to encourage credibility and leadership.

4) To enhance the economical status of MMJ.

Malaysian Students' Council is made up of 404 members (including the 2009/2010 intake this september) which consists of:

274 Medical Students
129 Dental Students
1 Physics Student

We greatly value your feedback about this website. It is our commitment to continue improving our web services, to provide more value to our members. You can send your comment via email at :


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