Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How To Be A Better Medical Student

I guess it’s not too late for us to welcome our juniors from Malaysia, the batch of 2009, to JUST. Congratulations that you are here!

This entry, I hope, will more or less be a basic guideline to all medical and dental students, especially among freshmen, in order to be a better medical student.

But somehow, being a better medical student may be subjective in a variety of ways. Getting high grades may not what it is all about. Though, doing well definitely means that you will actually be a good medical practitioner in the future. Finding your groove in medical school might take some time. Rather, you can begin to be a good medical student by implementing a few key steps.

First of all, these are what you will be needing;

1) Study Schedule
2) Sleep
3) Outside hobbies

Next, the steps;

Step 1 - Know what you will be covering in lecture or lab before you get there. You can do this by taking 15 minutes to quickly look over the next day’s lecture material. You’ll be surprised with how much more you’ll understand by putting in so little time. Try it!

Step 2 - Get a good night’s sleep. Even though medical school is demanding, you’ll find yourself in a downward spiral if you don’t get enough sleep. You have to first be an alert medical student before you can be a good medical student.

Step 3 - Block out a chunk of time that you will dedicate to studying each day. The best medical students will try to keep this scheduled study time at the same time each day.

Step 4 - Review at the end of each week all the material that you covered that week. An important part of being a good medical student is constantly reviewing the medical school material that you covered in lecture. Again, you’ll be amazed by what you can actually remember by few minutes of end week revisions.

Step 5 - Remain positive. A medical student’s success is not determined by one or two exams. Keeping a positive outlook as you go through medical school, even during hard times, will help you stay consistent on exam performance.

Extra Tips : Have a couple of hobbies or activities that you can turn to. Maintaining balance while in medical school is critical to being a good medical student.

Edited from  Marilyn Brodeur's article.


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