Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lets Not Get Sick!

Having Fever, Sore throat, Muscle weakness, Coughs, Headaches, and general discomfort? You're probably having influenza. Influenza is an infectious disease that could easily get transmitted through air by coughs or sneezes, and also through contact of body fluids through contaminated surface. Exams are coming and a lot of people in Irbid get sick. You definately don't want to be of them. So check out these tips!

1) Avoid Sick People as much as practical. For example, cancel casual meetings with sick friends. In class, take notice of who is sick and keep your distance. Of course this is not as practical, hence, the rest of the strategies are important.

2) They say that "Good hand washing will do more to prevent the spread of illness and respiratory infections than anything else,". Spend 10 - 15 seconds washing hands with soap throughoutly, or just bring about the alcohol-based gels. They're much easier to carry around and unlike many of the antibacterial soap, they won't foster the development of resistant germs or superbacteria.

3) Do Not Touch Your Face, especially your eyes, nose & mouth. Your hands frequently touch contaminated surface like chairs or the doorknob, unless you get your hands clean or you'll directly transfer the germs to your respiratory tract!

4) Eat healthy foods and avoid sugar, except for that naturally occuring in fruit (Not Juice!). Avoid grains, too. Sugar and grains depress the immune system since glucose has the same molecular structure as Vitamin C (which is needed by white blood cells to destroy bacteria and viruses), and they will compete with Vitamin C for entry and storage into cells.

5) Keep your house and yourself clean. Free your house from toxins and allergens. Open the windows more often to let fresh air in, or get some live plants. Take regular bath. Finish your shower with cold water or a temperature equal to the air outside.

6) If you feel a cold coming on, you can try gurgling salt water or dripping a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ears (say, with q-tips). Not sure of the effectiveness of these two methods but many people swear they work.

Of Course, you could do everything right and still get sick. So we have some tips for you too, who's already sick. Don't get sicker!

1) Do Not Go To School and instead stay home and get better. It'll save your classmates from getting sick, and it'll help you recuperate quicker!

2) Do Not Eat Sugar or Grains, as mentioned. Ok, at least reduce your intake.

3) Drink a lot of fluids (eg, tea) or vegetables in chicken soup. It's good especially since it contains electrolytes, but make sure it's clear, not creamy, or you'll end up irritating your intestinal lining.

4) Irrigate your nose with a mild salt water solution.

5) Do not blow your nose too hard. It is better to suck in and swallow or dry it by inserting rolled up tissue.

6) Try raw garlic and onions, hot sause, Vitamin Cs, and Zinc. I can't claim they will make big difference, but in theory they'll help.

Good luck and get better!


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