Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Do They Keep on Distracting Me?

      Most of the JUST students have already finished their 1st exam. Some may have good marks, but some may not. But, whatever it is, the journey has to be continued. Keep chasing pavements and don’t give up for the upcoming ones. And now the 2nd exam is just around the corner. So, don’t allow any distractions come over us towards the success.

      There was once, a story has been told, about a wise and holy man who was a recluse in a cave mountain..
 He seemed to have the answers to all the village folks’ problems. So, a young lad decided to test him. He climbed up the mountain with a live bird in his hand, hidden behind his back and asked the wise man,
“The bird in my hand, is it alive or dead?”
The wise man replied,
“Dead or alive is in your hand. If I said it is dead, you will bring it out alive. If I said it is alive, you will squeeze it to death before showing me. So, therefore, whether the bird is dead or alive is in your hands”.

     There are a lot of distractions in life to lure you away from achieving your goals. Why, even your erstwhile competitors will go out of the way to distract you so they can stay ahead of the game. It happens all the times!! Don’t allow it! These are shallow and superfluous people all out to discredit your achievements out of spite, envy and jealousy. Such people will always try to find any fault within you to bring you down but they refuse to see their faults.

       There are also some miserable and unhappy people who play lonely and evil psychological mind games and think that they have some sort of power to control over your life, hoping to make you as miserable as them as they cannot accept that you lead very happy and fulfilled lives surrounded by loved ones. Don’t allow such jerks to control your lives and destiny!! Never allow jerks to treat you the way they want to treat you. Insist and demand, be firm and assertive that people treat you the way you wish to be treated with respect.
We all have own gifts and talents. Know your own strength and weaknesses. Seize opportunities that come your way. Life deals you with packs of cards; it is how you play the game to win with dignity, values and principles. Master and sculpt your own destiny. You can be what you choose to be if you want it bad enough. It is not your birthright to fail. Success comes with a price.

        Let it not be at expenses of your soul. Destiny is in your own hands. It must be carefully planned and sculpted.

Working hard towards success is like
Rowing boats with two oars, on the right is “prayers” and the left is “work”.


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