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The government has taken the decision to recognize University Malaya (UM) which is one of the four public universities in Malaysia to be a research university. In pursuance to this, efforts need to be initiated in order to further upgrade research activities among lectures/researches of UM.

Such efforts to upgrade research activities need to be promoted aggressively in order to ensure that UM is able to compete in the areas of current and latest research and also to place itself among one of the best universities in the world in the near future.

Among the steps taken to upgrade research and publications in UM is the move to select outstanding researchers (Bright Spark) from within UM and other universities to serve with UM.

To ensure that this initiative can be implemented effectively, a special programme to conduct this activity needs to be established. This programme is called the Bright sparks Programme (BSP) and the controlling unit for this is the Bright Spark Unit (BSU).

Admission into the Bright Sparks Programme (BSP)

Application into participate in SBP is opened to qualified candidates who fulfil the established criteria irrespective of the whether the candidate is a student/graduate of UM or other universities. The age of the candidate must not exceed 40 years at the time of application. The criteria for application is dependent on the pathways of entry. The qualified candidate may apply for admission into BSP through one of the 4 pathways listed below.

a. A candidate who is currently pursuing a Bachelor degree (Year 1, 2 or 3) or has recently completed his/her Bachelor’s degree.
b. A candidate who is currently pursuing a Master’s degree or has recently completed his/her Master’s.
c. A candidate who is currently pursuing a Phd degree or has recently completed his/her Phd.
d. A post Phd candidate (internal or external) who has been identified as an accomplished researcher.

Entry, Selection and Evaluation Process

All application seeking to participate in the bright spark programme must be directed to BSU. Application forms can be obtained online from the BSU web page. The forms must be sent directly to BSU who will liase with the respective faculty to process the applications.

BSU will also collaborate with the Academic Division and Human Resource Division in the selection process for admission into BSP.

All BSP candidates required to submit their progress report every 6 months for evaluation by the BSU.


i- Exclusively designed programme for high achievers.
ii- Out of classroom learning by doing reasearches.
iii- Get paid for all successful researches and if the candidate is an under loan student, they will pay for his/her loan.
iv- High possibility of going Malaysia to and fro frequently in order to fulfill their researches’ requirement.
v- Even if the candidates were unable to produce two articles regarding their researches, there is no risk of them being dropped from the programme as bright students are always deserved to be sponsored.

For more inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Hassan Basri
Department Of Malaysian Studies,
Cairo University, Egypt.
Tel/ fax: +202-3569-4120, Mobile: 010-3954493

**Full criteria for the candidate can be obtained from MMJ’s Bureau of Foreign Affairs 09/10.


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